Bikini season is just around the corner, which means CHAARG's Spring Break Fitness Plan is officially here! Never heard of it? Get ready to take some major #sweatsesh notes.

A quick breakdown. CHAARG (Changing Health, Attitudes, + Actions to Recreate Girls) strives to motivate and inspire college-aged girls towards everyday health and fitness goals. There are 29 University CHAARG organizations + a Virtual CHAARG membership for non participating schools and those post-grad (hollaaa). Overall that leaves an inspiring community of 5,000+ girls across the United States partaking in workouts, events, and challenges together. Talk about a support system! 

The #CHAARGSBFP is a coveted 5-week program limited to 1,000 girls that includes weekly schedules and daily workouts from Share It Fitness, a Fit Journal to track your progress, and daily challenges to go the extra mile. Those signed up will also receive a free Victoria's Secret Sport sport bra, a discount off of the CHAARG Tribal Tee (already pre-ordered mine!) and a positivity pack filled with motivating quotes and stickers. What I am most excited for during the 5 week challenge, however, is earning Bolts. For those who like seeing their progress in numbers like I do, Bolts are a fun way to visually track your workouts. A bonus for this year's Spring Break plan is earning 50 bolts within 5 weeks. The breakdown is as followed: one bolt equals 1 mile walk or run, 3 miles bike, 10 minute jump rope, 48 floors stair stepper, or 400m (.25 mile) swim. Pretty cool, right?

Today is the first day of #CHAARGSBFP and this year I am dedicating myself to not one, but three FitGoals. These include completing 50 bolts within 5 weeks, working out at least 4 times a week, and embracing positivity during the process. Setting FitGoals is a great way to hold yourself accountable for getting to the gym and logging those hours + bolts!  Make sure to check out my #CHAARGSBFP FitGoals below.

While the 2016 #CHAARGSBFP is unfortunately sold out, you can still get involved with some awesome workouts by becoming a CHAARG University or Virtual member. Stay tuned for weekly #CHAARGSBFP updates ++ make sure to follow my #inCHAARG Insta account to view the journey!

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