5 Things I Learned From #CHAARGSBFP

Today marks the last day of my first ever spring break inspired fitness plan through CHAARG (read more about CHAARG in last month's introductory post; Cheers to #CHAARGSBFP). 5 Weeks, 50+ #sweatsesh bolts, and here we are. Congrats fellow CHAARGies!

 The 5-week-long #CHAARGSBP fitplan was filled with daily workouts, check ins, and challenges to help inspire towards that itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini bod. The CHAARG-ified sequences - provided on Share It Fitness - left me feeling sore, refreshed, and scoring some major #bolt and #sweatsesh points. By printing out the provided weekly Fit Journals I was able to easily track my workouts, water intake, daily meals, check ins, and positive moments. 

[Fit Journal Obsession >> the separate sections available for writing what we were proud of accomplishing that day and what we plan to achieve tomorrow.] 

By documenting my progress each week with my new #inCHAARG Instagram account I was able to appreciate enjoying the process more while worrying less about perfection. This in itself was life changing. I had always worried about being the best and now, with the help of this fit plan, was able to let go of perfectionism and let in a new way of thinking.

Week 1 was all about being 1% More Positive. 

This theme couldn't have come at a better time. After getting laid off of my first post-college job, I had a hard time having faith that something better was around the corner.

The #CHAARGSBFP motto of "Your Vibes Attract Your Tribe", however, helped me look at this fit plan as an opportunity to use my spare time towards positive self-improvement. It was here that I learned that what had been missing from my previous workout routines was a sense of community. Having 999 other CHAARG girls as a support system really helped kick my new lifestyle into gear!

Week 2 - 1% More Sweat with VS Sport. The sweat game was real. 

I spent the week training hard in preparation for the 2016 Disney Princess Enchanted 10k. Lean meals and new workouts on my Share It Fitness account set the mood for the weekend's big event and, by channeling Week 1's theme of Positivity, I was able to have a clear head of what I wanted to achieve from the race and, most importantly, to have fun. The morning of the race came and before I knew it I had completed my very first 10k. The feeling was surreal! 

As if running the 6.2 miles wasn't enough, my race partner and I spent the rest of the weekend venturing all over Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Universal Parks (nailing a 1st 10k called for a celebratory frozen Butter Beer). I had racked up 24+ miles within 48 hours! The weekend went down as one of the best weekend's of my 23 year old life and was a perfect opportunity to try something new while working up a sweat!

Week 3 was focused on 1% More Rest with Yogi Tea.
My new Nike yoga mat came just in time for meditating and doing some must-needed stretching! 

After running the 10k and traveling, Rest was the perfect theme to indulge in after working so hard. I found solace in using my new yoga mat to recover and center myself. With a fresh cup of green tea and an at home office set up, I used this time to job search and move forward.

1% More Fuel means 1% More Foodie Love.

This was my favorite week out of #CHAARGSBFP. I had always lacked whole, nutritious meals in my diet and didn't realize how much this was affecting my end results until participating in this fit plan. With a little inspiration from Pinterest, Tone It Up, CHAARG, and SELF Magazine's #NoTakeOutChallenge with Food 52, I had myself a plethora of healthy meals that I was excited to create every day. Loved having About Time Protein as Week 4's sponsor and showing my favorite protein snacks!

Not only did I feel accomplished to be cooking more at home and eating out less, but I also noticed a difference in energy and a difference in my appearance. I no longer felt like I needed a nap during the day and found myself looking forward to meal prepping for the week ahead!

1% More Self-Love with Dogeared. 

As if the fit plan couldn't bring anymore positivity into a workout lifestyle, the last theme of the challenge was self-love. During the previous week, everyone participating had received the cutest positivity pack from CHAARG to help send the fit plan home. I looked at the written letter of encouragement (and took advantage of the free Victoria's Secret Sport sports bra coupon included) to assure myself that I can and will finish the 5 weeks strong. 

I had come so far since feeling my life turn upside down merely 5 weeks ago and was proud of what I had accomplished for myself within that time. I did #CHAARGSBFP not knowing what to expect. I was a little apprehensive at why I should pay to take part in a fit plan and wondered if it would be worth it. Doing it, however, was the best choice I could have made at this point of my life. It felt good to work hard and complete a challenge, but it felt even better to see a noticeable change from it both mentally and physically. I strayed from my comfort zone to try new workouts, new activities, and new recipes and from it gained a new love for food, a deeper love for my body, and a strong grasp on what it means for me to be active. 

Was it worth it? Absolutely. 

I'm already looking forward to CHAARG's Fall Fit Plan and counting down the days until the next #CHAARGSBFP is offered! In the meantime, CHAARG offers on-campus and virtual (holla) memberships to make the most of being a fit, college and post-grad woman. 

What are you waiting for? #takeCHAARG of your life and join the CHAARG movement.

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