The Color Run Giveaway: Win a race entry!

Who wants a FREE entry to the #Happiest5k on Earth?!

As it turns out, you're in luck! As a 2016 Ambassador for The Color Run (Eek!) I have an awesome photo contest for all you runners, walkers, and skippers in The Windy City. The easy-peazy steps laid out below is all it takes for the chance to be throwing color in the air like you just don't care for FREE at Chicago's Grant Park event on June 5th. 

How to Enter the Giveaway

1. Go to my personal Instagram account & click Follow
2. Find the photo pictured above & double tap <3 (Like) 
That's it!
3. Bonus points if you: Regram the picture on Instagram + tag me @amchugh22
                                             Show your excitement by commenting on the Instagram post 
                                          Follow my fitness Instagram account (@amchugh_inchaarg)
*Giveaway will run from March 29th - April 1st at midnight. The free entry only applies to a Classic Entry in Chicago, IL. Winner will be based on completing the two mandatory entries successfully + any bonus entries*

Can't wait for the giveaway to be over and want to register now (or after the giveaway)? Use code CHICIL2 at checkout for $5 off! It's a win-win for some great Windy City fun.

#Happiest5k #Tropicolor

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