How to Use Dragon Fruit As a Main Ingredient

Strangely shaped, a vibrant pink, and part of the fruit family.

Who else has seen a dragon fruit before and thought "how the heck do you eat this thing?" You're not alone. Finally taking on the tackle of this pinktastic fruit, I made it my mission to make it part of my meals for one week. After a quick visit to YouTube and some serious recipe browsing on Pinterest, I mapped out a course of action to create dragon fruit salads and smoothie bowls.

But first, how to cut a dragon fruit.

Start by cutting the fruit vertical down the middle.

Split the dragon fruit into two halves.

Scoop the white seeded part of the fruit from each half. Make sure there is no pink left.

Cut the dragon fruit into small pieces to be added to your fruit mix.

From here you can use the leftovers to make a salad or smoothie bowl!


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