Ice Ice Baby - Braving the Cold for #ChiTown10k

April showers bring...snow?

For all of us here in Chicago it is no surprise that Mother Nature has been less than accommodating the past few months. From snow blizzards one day to 60 degrees and sunny the next, I had my fingers crossed that the weather would be favorable for Chicago's Chi Town Half Marathon & 10k on April 9th. Presented by All Community Events, this event benefited Special Olympics Chicago and was held at Montrose Harbor.

True to form, Chicago unleashed the snow, wind, and ice the night before. The morning of the event I pulled my black athletic turtle neck and official event jacket over my head and layered up with my Victoria's Secret Sport headband (shout out to CHAARG's Spring Break Fit Plan for the VSX coupon) and hand gloves. I started to break out in a nervous sweat. It was my second 10k, but the first race I would be doing alone without a running partner and without a cheering team to meet me at the finish line. I assured myself that my determination will help me do well as I ordered an Uber to Montrose Harbor.

After lining up behind the pace group of our choice, there was a bit (okay A LOT) of confusion on where you had to line up based on your bib color. Because of this the race began about 15 minutes after the planned time and I was pretty sure that if I had to wait any longer I would have gotten hypothermia. Alas, the race began and we were off! The first 2 miles were filled with awesome lakeshore views and a smooth path. The last 4.2 miles, however, were consumed with icy hills and black ice patches. I slipped a total of 4 times, as did many others, and was very thankful that I didn't twist an ankle or injury my hip. Where's the salt, people?

Despite this obstacle, I was proud to say that I only stopped for a total of 5 minutes during the entire race. I had never run 6 miles consecutively without stopping before. Realizing my phone was at 5% with one mile left didn't hurt towards motivating me either. While the course was not suited for a personal best due to the slippery trail, I had managed to achieve a 01:11:19 overall time (the official race site argued it was 01:11:15) which completed my goal to finish around an hour. After picking up my medal and a bottle of water, I quickly asked someone to take my picture and used the 1% left of my phone battery to order an Uber back home. For those willing to brave the cold a little bit longer (and had the phone life to do so) there was an after-race celebration of Finch's Beer Co. and Connie's Pizza. 

In the future, if I'm not in Florida doing a RunDisney race, I think I'll stick to summertime events when I know the weather will be runnable. Overall, I'm still really glad that I toughed this race out! Adding to my collection slowly, but surely.

Up next on my run tour, The Color Run in Grant Park! As an Ambassador for this year's event I have the down low on June 5th's fun run and a special promo code (CHICIL2) to receive $5 off your registration. I hope to see everyone at the #Happiest5k!

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