Ready for RunDisney's Enchanted 10k With Autism Speaks

Registration for RunDisney's 2017 Princess Half Marathon Weekend went live yesterday morning and let's just say spots were flying like Lollapalooza tickets.

Photo: RunDisney on Twitter

For those of you unfamiliar with RunDisney events, make sure to check out my recap post on this past year's 2016 Princess Half Marathon Weekend. To put simply, participating in a RunDisney race is the most magical running event you will ever experience. I had the best time checking off my first race with the #Enchanted10k and can't wait to be going back in 2017. 

I was nervous the morning of registration due to the exceeding fast sell out time for RunDisney races. Even after signing in right at open time, I was unable to complete my process before the system overloaded and shut me out. The 10k event then went "On Hold". Unfortunately, individual registration spots did not open up after that. Fortunately, RunDisney partners with many well-known charities for limited group registration spots. This is what my sister and I ended up doing and secured our race entries with Autism Speaks, a favorite charity of mine that is dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, preventions, treatments and a possible cure for autism.

Now until January 2017, we will be raising money towards our Autism Speaks Princess Half Marathon Weekend Team, McHughGirls. Last year's race was great, but I'm really excited to be running for a cause this year and support an organization that I admire so much. The best part? Any donation really helps make a difference, no matter the amount. 

Contributions are appreciated more than you may know, so please donate today!



  1. This is so awesome. I have several close friends whose children have autism- for that reason I love this. All of the support is great!

  2. This sounds like a great event.