Run For Love With Charity Miles' Heart2Heart Challenge

I have a date with the treadmill this Valentine's Day, and you should too!

Charity Miles, a great app that turns your miles into donations, is holding a #Heart2Heart challenge this week. The challenge consists of earning 3 hearts between the time span of February 7th - February 14th. 

Heart 1: Sign up for the challenge in your Charity Miles app by joining the #Heart2Heart team. Easy! You can sign up by opening the app and selecting Menu > Team > join team Heart2Heart.

Heart 2: Walk any distance for a charity you love. I did my miles towards the foundation Stand Up to Cancer, however the app features over 20 different causes and organizations to choose from!

Heart 3: You're almost there! Choose a charity to run at least 2 miles towards and you are in the home stretch of making a difference and getting those love endorphins in while you're at it.

I think the best part of this challenge was that it was low impact, easy to navigate and complete, and you were able to help others while working on yourself. If you havn't checked out Charity Miles before, this challenge is a great way to get introduced to the loving Charity Miles community.

Happy running, Cupids!

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