Bellicon Studio Live DJ Friday

Bounced into the weekend with mini-trampoline fun! Located in the West Loop, bellicon Studio pairs their bellicon Bounce - read more about what's involved in my top 10 fitness class post here - with a live DJ for a themed event filled with endless diva tunes and cardio-inducing moves. 
This Friday's theme was unicorn, and while many dressed in bright colors, I forgot and sported some new leopard Victoria Sport yoga pants. The 45-minute class, taught by instructor Jeremy, featured a mix of bounce cardio on the bellicon mini-trampolines that worked your legs, core and booty as well as some abs and arm exercises off the trampolines to build strength. DJ Chris Mix brought the party with the perfect mix of songs to get your heart pumping and lip-synching in session. 
I very much enjoyed the class and loved the challenge of performing moves on the mini-trampolines. It was fun, energetic, and low-impact on the body's joints. The price for a first-time class, $12, was also perfect for my workout budget. My only wish is that they expand and open more locations around the city!
Wanna get bouncin'? Follow bellicon Studio on Facebook to keep a look out for their next Live DJ Friday event! 


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