Adidas Spin Art Party Turns Old Art into New

Adidas' recent pop-up event offered a solid post-brunch Sunday activity. Held at the DSW off the Belmont red line, customers were able to channel their creative side and have the chance to win an $100 DSW gift card every hour. 

The art (which was originally supposed to be made on custom pedal-powered bikes but the merchandise unfortunately did not arrive on time for Chicago's event) was constructed with a variety of paint on vinyl records. Although some customers walking by were upset that the records were being painted on, the opportunity to paint such a unique item was very relaxing to those that participated!

While I'm no Picasso, my finished product was a hit! I'm hoping to see more Adidas pop-up events around the city this fall, specifically linked to a workout #sweatsesh. 

From fitness to painting to fashion, art is good for the soul. 
For a list of Adidas' upcoming spin art parties, check out DSW's Facebook page here.


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