5 Ways to Travel Like a Pro in 2018

1. Wear the Right Attire

You may want to roll out of bed and stay comfy in your sweats, however it is best to be a little dressed up when flying. This ensures that you're ready to go straight from the airport to a hip cafe for lunch or shopping on the strip. In case, god forbid, your luggage is lost, you'll also be temporarily set to go where you must. I like to switch up my flying apparel between casual chic and athleisure. This usually consists of cute sneakers, a light jacket, and a big handbag to pack all my extra necessities. 

2. Utilize Technology

It might go without saying, but if you have a smartphone, use it. Make sure to download your airline's app to get notifications about time to check in and the ability to download your boarding pass on your phone's Wallet. Having your boarding pass on your phone will help you skip the check-in kiosks and fly by security and boarding at the gate (not to mention you won't have to worry about losing a printed out version!).

3. Take Advantage of Airline Amenities

My go-to airline is American Airlines. The air crafts are equipped with charging outlets at each seat and, if you're lucky, some of the models also have your very own personal screen where you can watch the latest shows and view new movie releases! My favorite perk, however, that I have encountered the last few times flying with them is that they offer complimentary check in for your carry on if you so desire. This can be useful if you are flying alone and your carry on is close to exceeding the weight limit.

4. Don't Forget Your Flying Essentials 

If you get motion sick on planes like me, popping one Dramamine 30 minutes before boarding is the only way to go. I usually keep a bottle on hand in my handbag, however this can usually be found at any convenient store inside the airport. Not all airlines carry extra earbuds, so I recommend bringing a pair of your own, preferably wireless headphones so the cords are not cramping your already-small-space. Flights always give complimentary soda or coffee, however food is not included. If your flight is on the long end, grabbing a few snacks before boarding will come in handy during and after the flight on your way to your destination. This is already on your phone, but make sure to download Spotify playlists that you want to listen to during the flight. If you fail to do this, they will not play while on airplane mode. Last, but not least, a phone charger. Bigger airports have charging stations at the gate and some airlines, like American Airlines, have charging outlets at each seat on the plane. No one likes to worry about a low battery when traveling!

5. Hotel Room Cleanliness 101

Never, I repeat NEVER, put your suitcase on the bed right when you get to your hotel room. You may be excited to get your vacation started, however check the mattresses and furniture for bed bugs before laying your belongings on it! It is also good practice to check that the filters in an air conditioner or air purifier are clean before turning them on.